The Alliance for Organic Integrity Launches The Organic Integrity Mapping Project

We’re pleased to announce The Alliance for Organic Integrity has launched “The Organic Integrity Mapping Project – 2024 Survey”.

The aim is to develop a thorough understanding of the global organic integrity landscape: the organisations and initiatives currently working to improve the integrity of the organic control system or address deficiencies within it.

Approximately 30 global experts have been selected by The Alliance Board and will be approached to contribute their insights on the organic integrity work being undertaken (or not) in Harmonisation, Forensic Tools, Building Competence, Tackling Fraud and Communication.

The survey is also being made available to the whole organic community, to gather broader insights and ensure all in the community have the opportunity to contribute. As well as sharing the findings as a resource for organic control community via the website and The Organic Standard publication, The Alliance will identify the gaps that need to be filled and identify initiatives to support as well as organisations to bring into The Alliance as Partners. 

Please help us to Strengthen Organic Integrity Globally, by completing the survey here.