New Publication: Global Safety & Risk Assessment Protocol for New Genomic Technologies

Seeds in Hands

The IFOAM Seeds Platform has published the Global Safety & Risk Assessment Protocol for New Genomic Technologies, a new guidance for governments and the private sector for the assessment and regulation of new GMOs (also called NGTs or New Genomic Technologies). This new and highly disruptive technology is an existential threat to organic and agroecological systems worldwide and poses widespread risks to human health, biodiversity, and environmental stability.

This new Risk Protocol proposes a sound and scientific approach that fills a huge gap in the regulatory landscape and the public understanding of the potential danger of unintended negative effects of NGTs.

Please share widely with your networks, and provide further ideas and related requests to the IFOAM Seeds Platform by contacting seeds@ifoam.bio

The IFOAM Seeds Platform is a global network of individuals and organisations advancing seed and plant breeding for organic systems. It aims to:

  • Increase the use of organically multiplied seeds in organic and agroecological farming globally
  • Select and improve breeding practices for organic agriculture that have environmental and societal benefit
  • Widen options and revitalize breeding methods underutilized in conventional agriculture
  • Assure access and create a model for intellectual property rights in organic agriculture
  • Safeguard integrity of plant varieties against genetic contamination (GMOs, NGTs)
  • Create market opportunities to make organic seed and its value chains economically competitive

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