Strategic Plan 2017 - 2025

A New Narrative for IFOAM Organics International!

The world faces challenges: poverty, hunger and malnutrition are prevailing, the global society has unfair distribution of wealth and power, we lose biodiversity of life forever, the natural resources like soil and water are deteriorating and the planet ́s climate is changing. Agriculture and related value chains, as presently practiced, are among the main causes of those challenges.

But agriculture - done differently - can also be part of the solution. If we get it right with agriculture and food systems, we get it right for people and planet! Organic agriculture, a dynamic and continuously developing farming system based on the science of agro-ecology, is a forerunner of truly sustainable agriculture and offers practical solutions to address major global challenges. Organic agriculture and equally sustainable systems produce healthy, nutritious food and other natural products for a growing population. They enable farmers to earn a fair living, regenerate and enhance soil fertility and biodiversity, safeguard and replenish scarce water resources, mitigate climate change and help people who have been negatively impacted on to adapt to it.

As an agent of change, IFOAM – Organics International - legitimized by its membership and in collaboration with its networks - actively contributes to improvements towards true sustainability in agriculture, in its value chains and in consumption. It pursues the trifold goal of enhancing growth of the global organic sector, of making it more sustainable and of inspiring mainstream agriculture. In order to fully utilize the potential of organic agriculture, we work on three key factors, or levers:

  • Enhancing Supply with capacity development of operators and other value chain actors; 
  • Stimulating Demand with communication support and awareness campaigns; 
  • Advocating for a Policy and Guarantee environment that is conducive to truly sustainable production and consumption.